Paint, Polish, Caffeine

With about a week and a half left of the design build, we are pushing out the final changes in our both our construction documents and mockups. We have begun to physically build the bar and reception desk. The components of our three moving walls have been ordered, and the studs are to be cut [...]

Making Great Progress

In the short years of architecture school, one of the main concepts that has demonstrated for us to understand is how to solve a problem. One aspect about solving a problem is not to get to attached to your designs. Many times it is a good idea, but we all know that there is a [...]

Time to Grind Things Out

Today, as well as the past few days we have been putting in a lot of extra hours to make sure that the project gets done before the due date.  Several of us have been meeting in the shop in the early hours of the morning and staying late after studio ends.  We don't mind [...]

Steel time to work

For the track system walls there are brackets that hold the wall incase a lateral force is applied. all the weight of the wall rests on the floor, but they might experience lateral loads from someone accidentally falling on the wall (they do serve alcohol at events). So we have worked with a structural engineer [...]

Reinventing the wheel

Normally "reinventing the wheel" has a negative connotation with it, but we have been designing a better use of a caster wheel on a desk. Normally a caster wheel tends to have a swivel effect when locked on a desk. We didn't want who ever is using the desk that we have been designing to [...]

Mock Ups and CD’s

Today much of the studio worked on mocking up castor systems, finalizing CAD construction drawings, and cutting steel. Since we are all split up and working on different things it is very apparent that everyone has been really pushing themselves. My main focus today was finalizing the construction documents for the reception desk as well [...]


Today was a fun day for me because I got to finally get away from a computer and go out and put my hands on some tools.  We were able to finally get out to Redux and cut the scores in the concrete for the track systems to sit in.  We managed to get all [...]

Hardhats Required

May 1st comes in only 4 weeks and we are still progressing with final details on both the bar and reception pieces, as well as the moving walls. Some materials are set to arrive before the end of the week, and it will take more than just a regular student's' life to complete the task [...]

Weekend Welding

This weekend was the first of what I expect to be many long ones.  We met up at 8 o'clock in the morning to learn how to cut, grind, and weld the metal that we'll be working with.  This is important for things such as the caster system for the desk and bar and the [...]