The Final Countdown

The semester is coming to a close and so is our time with Redux. Over the course of the semester we have brainstormed, coming up with potential opportunities for Redux with regards to signage, wayfinding, walls, the desk & bar, landscaping, and the creation of a potential stage. We had been tasked with completing a [...]

Paint, Polish, Caffeine

With about a week and a half left of the design build, we are pushing out the final changes in our both our construction documents and mockups. We have begun to physically build the bar and reception desk. The components of our three moving walls have been ordered, and the studs are to be cut [...]

Hardhats Required

May 1st comes in only 4 weeks and we are still progressing with final details on both the bar and reception pieces, as well as the moving walls. Some materials are set to arrive before the end of the week, and it will take more than just a regular student's' life to complete the task [...]

Some Specification

The next phase of the project has begun. After a week off, Studio V is back and ready to tackle the varying design solutions for the Redux’s new home at 1056 King Street. We are taking this week to finalize some dimensions, create some mockups, and lay out our plan for the coming weeks. Some [...]

Nuts & Bolts

For the past week and half, our studio has come together to finalize some of the project proposals for Redux. We have worked on simplifying the receptionist desk, both its location as well as intended functionality. The proposal thus far has been to place it almost in the center of the front of the building, [...]

Winding Down

Today (1st of March) we are holding one of our final preliminary reviews with Redux. The recent design process has required us to create a scaled model, at 3/8" equal to 1'. It is composed of both the front gallery space and a partial continuation into the studio spaces on the western side of the [...]

Introducing Opportunities

The focus of the meeting borders on how one perceives the new site for Redux. What is the space as it pertains to the Studio and Visiting artists, as well as patrons who come to the gallery and events? It becomes a task of modernizing Redux, even though its current space is of modern thought [...]