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The next phase of the project has begun. After a week off, Studio V is back and ready to tackle the varying design solutions for the Redux’s new home at 1056 King Street. We are taking this week to finalize some dimensions, create some mockups, and lay out our plan for the coming weeks. Some of us have travelled to the site once again to confirm the constraints, and to see the progress made by the workers on site so that we can gage when to begin on-site construction of the sliding walls. We are in the process of determining exactly where to play the bracing for the top of the walls in the following locations: the bar niche, the middle of the gallery, and along the south wall. Though the three walls differ in their size, their construction will be similar. We have changed the structure of the bracing so that it is not required on both sides, creating a right triangle apparatus that we hope to test on Friday, through cardboard mockups and welding a unit.


We have now decided to change the framing of the walls to include wooden studs instead of metal, though there is a metal top plate on all of the walls, and bracing where it is needed on the middle, “L-Shape”, pocket wall. We are now modifying some of our construction documents to accomodate the changes we make during this week. We hope to begin construction by the start of next week, while we continue to put the final touches on our designs.

We are finally heading down into the woodshop, the home for almost all of the next phase of the project up until we can move onto the site itself. With only a month left, our deadline is approaching fast. But we feel confident that everything will be done by the 1st of May.

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