Introducing Opportunities

The focus of the meeting borders on how one perceives the new site for Redux. What is the space as it pertains to the Studio and Visiting artists, as well as patrons who come to the gallery and events? It becomes a task of modernizing Redux, even though its current space is of modern thought and curation. A new life in a historic structure that also informs the inhabitants.

The signage, or public perception of the center from the exterior, has become increasingly significant. The transition of space, wayfinding, also becomes an element of design that can evolve what exists. What spaces are really meant to be private? How do the studio artists use the northern exterior space? It can be a combination of both signage that is exposed to people coming down King Street from the North, whilst also a private space for the studio artists, with the addition of a vertical garden.

However, the integrity of the original building must be maintained. Throughout the meeting we continued to discuss where our focus should be set. The front space of the building takes dominance above all else because of its location, its nature of being a space of transition, and the level at which it could be perceived from the outside. How are people greeted? Is there a divider that creates two galleries in the front, instead of just one. What does the interior architecture of the front, with respects to the exposed ceiling, help create? With events, the gallery must be able to evolve into a space with a collapsible stage that could be potentially used outside.

The focus now seems to center on signage, the possible orientation of the reception and kiosk space, and the potential of the bar niche given that it could be tucked away when not in use. The system of creating modular walls is of high importance because of the potential layout of the front gallery. In essence our focus should now be directed towards what is immediately needed versus what could be realized after our team is disbanded.

Redux is set to inhabit the space, creating life within, but they must also undergo a change with the considerations of how the public perceives them.

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