Charrettes & Gallery Visits

img_6649The last time that we met with REDUX was on the 23rd.  Since then, we have begun to single in on our ideas not only as individuals, but as a team.  In order to do this, we had to section off who was going to focus on each aspect of the project.  We also started organizing our goals in order of importance as well as the design process that we would need to take.  This required that we all collaborate together in a series of design charrettes. Each of us did research that corresponded with the part of the design we chose to work on and also sketched out several diagrams.

On the 1st of February, we met up at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art to have a look at their gallery space and the kinds of things that not only work for them, but also those that do not.  Considering that the Halsey is a rather small gallery space with limitations on how many art displays that they can show at one time, it was an accurate comparison to the kinds of things that we might see at the new REDUX gallery space.  Mark Sloan gave us a quick tour describing in detail the kinds of artists they bring in as well as the overall workings of the gallery itself.  All of which we have begun to tie into our research and diagramming from the charrettes.



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