Steve Jobs, did not invent the cell phone, he made it better. Elon Musk did not invent the electric car he made it better. Studio V, does not do you standard Design Build we make it better. On Monday professor Davis Pastre showed us a short clip of William Katavolous video series, Katavolous is a professor at the Pratt Institute of Technology. One of Katavolous ideas is to go beyond the tip of the iceberg and fully immerse your self into your craft, he does this by naming the stages of you design (think1…think2…..think3…..)

So for an example take a simple knife, the main purpose is to slice and object. (Think 1) A knife can do a whole lot but it can not do everything. To make the process faster knife makers started to add serrations to cut through thicker materials such as rope, skin and bone. (think 2) After thinking about how you can improve on the base object just can get a whole bunch of different variations. You can spare to buy a knife with G-10 handle (A very strong, dense, rugged composite) and a SV35vn blade (A compound of steel that can hold one of the sharpest edge) and spend well over 100$ or you can buy a cheap buck knife for under 20$ yes they do the same thing but the quality is unmatched. (Or you can buy this bad boy)

At Studio V, we are not your typical architecture students and REDUX is not just you typical Art Studio. The end the product/goal is going to go beyond the primitive design phase and fulfill the need of REDUX while creating an intangible studio experience.


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