Being Practical

At this point in our various stages of research, we are starting to see gaps and over shots in some of our original plans. Some of our goals may have more simple solutions that we have assumed need to be built and tackled in shop. After todays visit to the art gallery, we started to consider the need/ cost relationship for some of the pieces we planned on installing in the gallery. One in particular was the real need for movable walls, from what we gathered they are often used part time. As of now i have been messing around with wall dimensions and configurations within the gallery space. Instead of configurations, i think we need to think more on the storability and display space. Its not so much, how many ways can we program these walls to be moved around, as much as, how often will these be used, where will they be stored, and how much wall space does this gallery need in relation to the max amount of work that could be displayed. Same thing for the stage, after research, we found that it may be cheaper t rent a stage for an evening, rather than build one that then much be stored somewhere after every use. We need to focus on practical solutions rather than over clever attempts to go over the top. although things are going smoothly, we need to be mindful of how much time we have left.

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