Pre-Build Discussion

Our last meeting with the redux crew seemed to yield the results we were looking for. Even before the presentation, the critique group seemed really impressed by the mock up gallery space. I think this was a sign of our investment and a great tool when discussing spacial considerations. This meeting had one of our [...]


As of this week i have been putting in some time working on sketchup.  Sketchup is a great way to get ideas quickly brought to life. On my computer i have a full file of the redux building which was imported for the Revit file given to us by redux. In this file i have [...]

The Design Ahead

Design has been going well, i believe our whole group really took advantage of the extra time. This showed in our presentation, our interaction with the client was much more engaging. A big change from showing just slides on the board, this time the physical model allowed us to really talk through the proposal. I [...]

Things That Roll

After our most recent meeting with redux we had a lot to think about. In our presentation each of us tried to highlight key points about our build ideas thus far, highs and tradeoffs. From this we received a decent amount of feedback, but nothing that stuck directly. Instead it was apparent that we had a [...]

Narrowing our focus

At this point in our project with redux we have narrowed down our area of focus to the projects we deem most important. From here we are trying to get a handle on what the range of possibilities are for each individual project. On of my biggest issues when trying to come up with solutions [...]

Being Practical

At this point in our various stages of research, we are starting to see gaps and over shots in some of our original plans. Some of our goals may have more simple solutions that we have assumed need to be built and tackled in shop. After todays visit to the art gallery, we started to [...]

Investigation Of Modular Walls

After our meeting with the Redux staff we had a general idea of the direction and criteria they wanted in their new location. most importantly the ability to change and adapt their gallery space per occasion. For artist, even the configuration of space can influence the way their work is viewed and in some cases [...]