Things That Roll

After our most recent meeting with redux we had a lot to think about. In our presentation each of us tried to highlight key points about our build ideas thus far, highs and tradeoffs. From this we received a decent amount of feedback, but nothing that stuck directly. Instead it was apparent that we had a bunch of ideas that could feed into one another. We had a bunch of bits of ideas that could be taken further. on top of this, there was also a growing concern from redux for things to be movable other than the walls. They even liked the ideas of having a reception desk that could be repositioned. Back at the drawing board we were left to our thoughts, brain storming ways to redirect and repurpose all the good ideas. It seems we get some of our best work done when we come together and just throw ideas around. This is how we landed on our most recent idea, it started as just a thought and then grew into a possible solution. In talking about the wall to the right of the studio space entrance, our field team found that there is enough space to possibly fit a whole wall section flush against the hall. from here the ideas grew into what is now a giant sliding wall that recedes into the studio hall when not in use. This idea grew with the potential to separate the gallery space in multiple configurations, all working on one axis. we are now looking into how this wall could be used to cover the bar space and possible back the reception desk. It seems like a viable solution, but we will have to see what redux thinks, they may have concerns we have yet to consider. All we know is that pretty much everything will be semi modular.

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