It is all in the details

This week at the Studio V studio, we have been polishing our designs in order to better fit the needs of REDUX, the idea is to propose an element on the up fit in great detail in order for them to have a better idea of what they will be receiving, this week the focus has been on the movable walls and how they interact and fit inside of the building. There are many obstacles inside of 1056 King, that we will have to frame around and intertwine with our designs. The walls have been a challenge about finding the right hardware that will support our the ability to hang a very heavy wall and for the wall to be able slide effortlessly. The walls are the biggest things we are implementing into the gallery so therefore the smaller stuff has be put aside until we figure out the total logistics of the walls, in this case it is the reception desk and the location of the desk related to walls and of the program of galley in that point of time. There is a lot that goes into this design we are not trying to get a rough estimate of the pricing and the materials used in our projects. The idea is to give the client the best possible knowledge about what are designing. Next week after the review we will be digging even deeper into the design by creating construction documents. We are looking  forward to getting into a phase where it is starting to become real where our ideas will actually be built and constructed into REDUX.

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