Making Great Progress

In the short years of architecture school, one of the main concepts that has demonstrated for us to understand is how to solve a problem. One aspect about solving a problem is not to get to attached to your designs. Many times it is a good idea, but we all know that there is a [...]

The fun is just beginning

We are about 95% finished with the design portion of our studio now it's time for the BUILD portion. We have about four week before the grand opening gala for REDUX. The first things we have to do this week is finalize the plans and start to Delagate the materials in the each specific portion [...]

REnew… REfresh…

"REnew... REfresh..." these are the words on the current reception desk inside of REDUX, this idea is taking shape into the new design into the revised design, we are implementing after our review that took place Wednesday March 1st. Now we have three different movable wall that all do the same thing, but in much [...]

Braking Down the Design

This week at the CAC.C studio V has been designing and preparing for a review we are going to have with Redux (our client), the intended purpose of this review is to show them the basic idea of the design we are going trying pursue. So we have partitioned the work load and  every student [...]