What we learned from the 1:1 scale mock ups

Typically in Architecture (mostly in Academia) they way to get you idea across into a physical form is in the form of a model. We made a model and for more intensive purposes we call it a mock because it is at full scale. It is the same idea as a square can be a rectangle but not all rectangles are squares. Through this process, we have learned, that Architecture language between the BAR/RECEPTION desk, is lacking a physical bridge. This is “bridge” is only something you can find when you have a tactile approach to furniture. This lead to a complete over haul of the design of the bar. The principals are still the same as over all function of the furniture while the bar gets a sturdy a new 3 piece system rather than the fold-able system we have been using. What we also learned was about how all of the pieces and the components go together. For example thinking that we had 1/2” clearance of space on inside of the niche would be enough, slowly we found out if this was the case it would make it very difficult to maneuver the bar in and out of the niche. All the ideas and changes to the furniture will now be implemented back into the drawings and we will be ready to start building the actual furniture.

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