Braking Down the Design

This week at the CAC.C studio V has been designing and preparing for a review we are going to have with Redux (our client), the intended purpose of this review is to show them the basic idea of the design we are going trying pursue. So we have partitioned the work load and  every student has the challenge to design two different areas of interest for Redux, the budget we have for this project is 10,000$ and we have basically till the end of the semester to design, build and document our work. This meeting on Friday is very important because it narrows the scope of work to the needs of Redux. On Friday we will not being going over specifics we are still in the conceptual design phase, but we will get the go ahead if we are going the right direction. In this design phase we have been studying my architects and designers, the name that has been mentioned the most is Olson Kundig, (Olson Kundigs website) Kundig uses simple machines such as pulley systems to create flexible architecture. The idea of the flexible architecture does not limit the aesthetics of form. This is a predominate aspect we are trying to implement into our design.

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