short burst of ideas

img_3725This week were are getting ready for our third presentation to Redux. We will be showing our first concepts for each of the focused design areas. I have been working on the bar niche and signage. The bar niche has many different routes that we can go to. The niche is only two feet deep on an end of the gallery space. I’m going through the process of figuring out what could or couldn’t go in the space. Signage is just as diverse areas of possibilities.  Right now we are still very early in the design phase and just coming with as many variables to feed off of. In a charrette, no idea is a bad idea. The best way to work in one of these charrettes is to work fast. fifteen minutes of working on a failed idea isn’t bad, because you know after that fifteen minutes that it is a bad idea. a few hours of working in short design burst creates a bunch of good ideas that out weight the bad. We will be doing this for a few more days and develop a range of topics to talk to with redux. This will be a very busy week of design.

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