Steel time to work

For the track system walls there are brackets that hold the wall incase a lateral force is applied. all the weight of the wall rests on the floor, but they might experience lateral loads from someone accidentally falling on the wall (they do serve alcohol at events). So we have worked with a structural engineer [...]

Reinventing the wheel

Normally "reinventing the wheel" has a negative connotation with it, but we have been designing a better use of a caster wheel on a desk. Normally a caster wheel tends to have a swivel effect when locked on a desk. We didn't want who ever is using the desk that we have been designing to [...]

One on One turns to One to One

Last week we met with Redux to discus how the moveable walls and desk correlate. We decided to create a one to one model in our studio space to look into how a moveable "L" shaped wall would side out and meet to an area where a intern reception desk would aline. From this model [...]

We Judge Books By Their Covers

Almost every post I have done so far has been about Redux's image and perception by the public. The new building will be one the most popular street in Charleston, but in an area where they could be one of the most viewed building in its area. The building has been in place for over 70 [...]

short burst of ideas

This week were are getting ready for our third presentation to Redux. We will be showing our first concepts for each of the focused design areas. I have been working on the bar niche and signage. The bar niche has many different routes that we can go to. The niche is only two feet deep [...]

Redux’s Contemporary Tradition

What is Nike without the swoosh? What is McDonalds without the Arches? What is Redux without the murals? The Murals at Redux are probably the most "day to day" community engaging product they have, solely because when you drive down St. Phillips St. you can easily see it and the mural is changed over time. [...]

Working With Gus

Redux is embarking on a move that is going to change Charleston. They are creating an atmosphere for artistic ideas flow and a place for the greater artistic community of Charleston can have communal space. This community is progressive and will effect the surrounding neighborhood in a positive way. Redux is in a city that [...]