Working With Gus

Redux is embarking on a move that is going to change Charleston. They are creating an atmosphere for artistic ideas flow and a place for the greater artistic community of Charleston can have communal space. This community is progressive and will effect the surrounding neighborhood in a positive way. Redux is in a city that is very traditional, so progressiveness is not always look at the best thing for the city. The same type of progressiveness that was avoided back when Augustus Constantine designed the building in 1942. At the time the city was avoiding modern styles of architecture. Augustus had just moved to Charleston in 1937 after working for fifteen years as a draftsmen in Atlanta. He was trained in the classical styles of architecture, but was looking for newer styles to design within. Art Deco and art moderne were on the rise in America. Gus started using these styles in Charleston, even though a large portion of the city did not want the style of art deco. He believed new styles were necessary for the cities growth and called it, “Avoiding the theme park.” The theme-park is the idea that all things in an area are the same become infantile . If you ride one ride the next will probably be similar to the last. He designed many theaters in the city with art deco designs. The Redux building was originally to be a theatre but later was changed. One of the theaters built is the American Theater on King Street. It was built in 1942. The art deco design resembles much of the Redux building. These designs to us look old, but in 1942 were very new. Gus went on to design dozens of buildings in Charleston with this style. He has an input on the view of Charleston and the style of the city. Redux is a very new/ progressive idea for Charleston, and just like the art deco of 1940’s. This is why in 75 years from now the view of Charleston will have a little identity with what Redux will do within their new building.

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