After The Meeting

Last Friday, January 13, our studio group met with Stacy Huggins and Greg Colleton the Executive Director and Operations Manager of Redux. This meeting was to get a feel for the existing space of Redux and also to find out what they both have envisioned for the new location.

After we departed, we were all tasked with researching case studies, drawings, photographs, and creating designs so that we would be able to have a meaningful discussion when we met for our next studio class. Since this weekend was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend we all had an extra couple of days to think about and consider different possibilities for the site. To help us with this process Stacy Huggins provided us with drawings, history, photos, and the plans for the building as well as the landscape. These are helpful to gain an understanding of the spatial layout of the site so we can design features that will actually fit well and work within the building. Also, being able to know the history of the building is key to understanding what design elements should be brought into the space and what elements should be left out. Using these elements we should be able to create an innovative space that complements the existing site conditions. 

When we next meet as a studio we should be able to have a meaningful discussion about our visions for the site and really kick things off to a good start.

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