Mock Ups and CD’s

Today much of the studio worked on mocking up castor systems, finalizing CAD construction drawings, and cutting steel. Since we are all split up and working on different things it is very apparent that everyone has been really pushing themselves. My main focus today was finalizing the construction documents for the reception desk as well [...]

Modeling The Space

This past week much of the studio started to make scale models of the reception desk, bar, castor systems, and wall details. By working fluidly between models, drawings, and computer renderings we can more easily figure out dimensions and the way things actually go together. I personally am working on finishing a full scale model of [...]

Preparing for Review

Today we are working on having prices, materials, and construction details ready for review with Redux and the contractors that are currently working in the space. This past week has been used to figure out the construction details and exactly how the pieces will fit together. Some of the problems we worked out were a track [...]

Ballin’ On A Budget

After meeting with Stacy of Redux and Rhett of Middleton Group we are now tasked with coming up with construction documents and a firm budget for each project. The budget is a very important part of this because we need to figure out the maximum cost to benefit ratio. Through this process of budgeting we [...]

Narrowing The Design

After our meeting with Redux this past Friday we were able to use their feedback to guide our design processes over the weekend. This enabled us to come to studio today prepared and ready to move forward in our designs. We used today mainly as a workday for everyone to dive deeper into their designs [...]

Designing With Purpose

As designers our job is to think creatively and with purpose. Many times designers can let the aesthetic side of a project take priority while the usability of the end product suffers. This is why it is helpful to practice group design charrettes. During the charrette the group focuses on one section at a time [...]

Understanding Diagrams

On Friday, January 27th, our studio group met together to discuss diagrams that we had prepared the day before. These diagrams were meant to show different factors and conditions that would affect the placing, size, and overall designs of the different installations. It was realized upon our viewings of the drawings that most of us [...]

After The Meeting

Last Friday, January 13, our studio group met with Stacy Huggins and Greg Colleton the Executive Director and Operations Manager of Redux. This meeting was to get a feel for the existing space of Redux and also to find out what they both have envisioned for the new location. After we departed, we were all [...]