Understanding Diagrams

On Friday, January 27th, our studio group met together to discuss diagrams that we had prepared the day before. These diagrams were meant to show different factors and conditions that would affect the placing, size, and overall designs of the different installations. It was realized upon our viewings of the drawings that most of us did not know how to simply and effectively diagram a site. This is okay however, because after all we are here to learn. So for the remainder of the studio we went over everyone’s drawings and Professor Pastre gave suggestions and valuable insight on how we can make a meaningful diagram that influences the design from here to the end result. We learned, for example, that a sun path diagram is just scratching the surface on how the site is affected and should include sun positions at different times of year and what positions would affect the designs. During this time we also had our eyes opened to the genius that is William Katavolos and his creation of load bearing structures made from water and thin plastic bags. It was both inspirational and mind-blowing to realize what is possible with architecture.

Using this time to further sharpen our diagramming skills as well as view the limitless reach of architecture has set us into the weekend with a goal to dig deeper with our diagrams and innovative ideas for Monday.

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