Modeling The Space

This past week much of the studio started to make scale models of the reception desk, bar, castor systems, and wall details. By working fluidly between models, drawings, and computer renderings we can more easily figure out dimensions and the way things actually go together. I personally am working on finishing a full scale model of the reception desk. So far we have been able to get an understanding of how the movable desk tops will slide in and out. This will most likely consist of a simple dado and rabbet system. We also have been able to figure out most of the dimensions for the desk that will both optimize storage and display space. Modeling the desk has also helped us figure out some design details like how thick of a walnut band we want to put on. Today we will be able to finish the model and hopefully the mock ups for the wheel castor systems. Then we can begin to make a set of construction details so we can begin construction as soon as possible.

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