Designing With Purpose

As designers our job is to think creatively and with purpose. Many times designers can let the aesthetic side of a project take priority while the usability of the end product suffers. This is why it is helpful to practice group design charrettes. During the charrette the group focuses on one section at a time to come up with key words and ideas that are of the upmost importance. In today’s charrette we were able to narrow down our work concentration to five different sections including: modular walls, reception, bar/gallery niche, stage, and signage. Many of the sections had similar key components that need to be factored into the final design. The most recurring focuses were on height, weight, material, movability, and form. These components alone are always good to keep in mind in any design project. Setting up these key words for our designs will allow us to move forward in a more structured and focused manner that will result in more thorough designs.

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