Narrowing our focus

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-12-35-55-pmAt this point in our project with redux we have narrowed down our area of focus to the projects we deem most important. From here we are trying to get a handle on what the range of possibilities are for each individual project. On of my biggest issues when trying to come up with solutions is that i can get carried away with one idea. I really enjoy digging into an idea and designing it from the inside out. However i’m learning that this is not practical when we’re just trying to put a lot of ideas out there. So this has been a change for me, learning to pump out quick ideas and come up whole new schemes. It teaches you to constantly change your perspective and try to look at problems in a new light. One of my favorite aids in this technique is to keep a 3d cad file open next to me while i sketch. This allows me to explore the space i’m working with from a variety of angles and often find solutions that that may have missed the eye otherwise. Cad programs like Sketchup are equally as useful when it comes to space and arrangement, a quick massing model

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