Charette Time

Today in studio we narrowed down ideas even more since the last meeting with the folks at Redux.  We took their responses and narrowed down our focus into five sections.  These five sections we narrowed down to are moveable walls, reception desk, bar, stage and outside signage.  The way we did this is we would focus on a section, coming up with key words and ideas then went into individual sketch sessions for about 10-15 minutes then came together as a group and discussed different ideas and how they would work together.


After all was said and done this is how the process looked.  All of these ideas reflect in our quick sketches and we were able to come up with a few ideas for each section to further study.  There was a lot of excitement in this process because everyone realized we were almost ready to show the board of Redux actual ideas and plans specific to them rather than just showing precedents as we have in the past.  We are excited to really start developing these ideas and showing them in our next meeting next week.

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