Preparing for Review

Today we are working on having prices, materials, and construction details ready for review with Redux and the contractors that are currently working in the space. This past week has been used to figure out the construction details and exactly how the pieces will fit together. Some of the problems we worked out were a track system for the movable walls. At first we had problems figuring out exactly how the wall would be able to move along a straight line while also not putting to much weight on the bar joists. By meeting with a structural engineer we were able to put many of our ideas to rest simply because they were not feasible. Many of our ideas had parts that were structurally sound but didn’t work because of ADA or other restrictions. So we were able to use this knowledge to come up with designs that will be structurally stable and secure. After we had hashed out all of our ideas we came together to create one design solution for each of the areas, bar, desk, and walls. Along with these design solutions we have figured out the exact materials that we will need for each of the pieces. For our review we will be able to come out with a set material list and designs that will be ready to order. This will enable us to have everything ready to construct when we get back from spring break.

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