Pre-Build Discussion

Our last meeting with the redux crew seemed to yield the results we were looking for. Even before the presentation, the critique group seemed really impressed by the mock up gallery space. I think this was a sign of our investment and a great tool when discussing spacial considerations. This meeting had one of our biggest panels, which was perfect for this stage of the build. At this point we’re making final decisions and ordering materials. So this presentation was a last chance to catch any last minute concerns before pushing on. Fortunately we didn’t run into any major hiccups. Overall they seemed pretty enthused with the design and what we’ve planned for. So that went well, but so did our post meeting discussion. Up until now our group had been slightly divided, everyone burying into their individual tasks. We all took the time and got caught up with the ins and outs of each unit of the build. From here it feels like we’re all on the same page and can continue in these last two days to tie up the few lose ends we need before Friday.

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