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Nuts & Bolts

For the past week and half, our studio has come together to finalize some of the project proposals for Redux. We have worked on simplifying the receptionist desk, both its location as well as intended functionality. The proposal thus far has been to place it almost in the center of the front of the building, allow for the interns to facilitate the space when it is divided for two shows and/or events. The movable wall system has changed slightly to allow for an L-shaped piece to be in the middle of the gallery, providing a back wall for the receptionist desk. This helps in creating the opportunity for more signage space, as well as an introductory wall for the artists in residence, visiting artists, or events that may occur during the life of Redux at 1056 King Street. On Wednesday we are to propose some of our final designs with estimates for how much they will cost based off of prices of local suppliers. We hope to order everything that is necessary by the end of the week. This will hopefully insure their arrival within the next week, continuing onto the next phase of the project during the month of April.

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