Narrowing The Design

After our meeting with Redux this past Friday we were able to use their feedback to guide our design processes over the weekend. This enabled us to come to studio today prepared and ready to move forward in our designs. We used today mainly as a workday for everyone to dive deeper into their designs as well as work out spacing arrangements. One of the most beneficial things to happen today was when Austin, Eric, and Jesse went to the new Redux site and took some measurements. It is useful for designers to actually visit the site they’re working on regularly because many aspects of the construction may have changed that could affect certain design features. It also proved helpful to these three because it helped them get a clear understanding of the space and how some of the movable walls could be fit in. One of the walls in the gallery area, where the bar niche is, could have a sliding wall that could serve as more gallery. There could also be a wall in the south hallway that would fit in between the existing wall and the I Beam. This could slide out into the gallery creating two separate spaces. One of the key benefits of this design is that it could be set up and put away in a matter of seconds by just one person. The technical aspects of this idea have not yet been worked out but we will use the next week to tweak or completely change the design if need be.img_3391

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