We Judge Books By Their Covers

Almost every post I have done so far has been about Redux‘s image and perception by the public. The new building will be one the most popular street in Charleston, but in an area where they could be one of the most viewed building in its area. The building has been in place for over 70 years. the signage has changed, but for the last few years it has been blank. The facades are the “cover” of Redux’s “book.” The front of the building needs to be welcoming to the stranger for them to enter.

The mural wall is still being worked on to try and final a solution on how it will work. A more realistic solution is the front signage. Many of Augustus Constantine’s building have art deco neon signage. The American theater and Chase furniture to name a couple. The signage is the fist thing you focus on when you look at those buildings. This could be applied to 1056 king. the north west corner of the building is optimal for signage. I made a few design of what a vertical corner sign could look like. An art deco or art moderne style would work well with the design of the building and fit in with other signage on king street.


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