Ballin’ On A Budget

After meeting with Stacy of Redux and Rhett of Middleton Group we are now tasked with coming up with construction documents and a firm budget for each project. The budget is a very important part of this because we need to figure out the maximum cost to benefit ratio. Through this process of budgeting we may have to value engineer some of the features out depending on the material cost. While we may be able to purchase all the materials for each project we have, we want to make sure that the materials will last for at least the minimum of Redux’s ten year lease and hopefully will last well beyond that. At the same time though we don’t want to have so much on our plate that we don’t complete each project before the building is finished.  For the next week or so we will be working out all of the wrinkles in our designs and finalizing everything so we will be ready to order and start building after spring break.

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