Meeting Results

As some of you have seen in earlier blog post, we had a meeting with Redux today to discuss final designs or design ideas about the individual sections we focused on.  The feedback we got today was probably the most important we have gotten since it was actually on our finalized designs.  Also, in the previous blog post you saw that we were constructing a model of the gallery space and surrounding rooms.  The model was very helpful this time around because Stacy, the executive director and Rhett, the working architect, were able to see physical models and understand the scale of what we were actually trying to do.img_0872

What we all agreed on and decided we liked was the triangle stage concept, the center barn door, framing in the southern wall, the bar structure and the placement of the desk by the middle door.  Before we start to go into construction documents, we are going to take three days to nail down all of the details and make sure we have everything specified and priced correctly.  We will also be exploring one new possible concept with the center wall to make sure that we have the best design for Redux’s gallery space.

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