Preparing for the First Review

Over the last 10 days Studio V has been preparing  to lead a discussion with the client about what they are expecting. We have an understanding about the type of versatility that REDUX is envisioning. Right now we have blank canvas, and we are going to create a space that represents REDUX. At first we needed a base, about the building that we are working with, which is where we have found out about the Greek Architect, Gustavo Constantine and the impact  he has had in Charleston. We have studied many precedents of Art Galleries and how they accommodate a versatile program.

On Friday we went on a site visit to be familiarized with the space, we are mainly going to working with the main exhibition space and creating a versatile space to accommodate all of the needs for REDUX. The space has great potential for exhibitions and also a communal space when there is not an exhibition on rotation.

In our meeting, we hope to learn about what accommodations REDUX is envisioning for the space. We see great potential with the blank space we have to work with, the is idea is to a an aesthetically pleasing versatile professional space.

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