Presentation of Research and Ideas to Client

On Monday, January 23rd, we presented research of history, precedent studies, and diagrams to our client, as we discussed the usability of the space at 1056 King street. In general, we felt as if we hit the ball park on the presentation. However, more diagrams would have been useful in communicating our thoughts and ideas with theirs as well. We were able to narrow down some ideas, and become more aware of our limitations as to what was feasible with the site project. Key components that we felt the client wants our attention; modular walls, a stage component, the reception desk, the recessed bar, a sales kiosk, seating material, and pedestals. All outdoor space will need consultation with the landlord of the building. Nonetheless, we will still continue to assess the possibilities for the front and side outdoor space, because we understand they will need to accommodate these areas for events. With all said and done at the client meeting, we now plan to split up and each take on the clients “wish list” and develop schematic designs and discuss opportunities.


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