Model Making and Finalizing Design

On Monday February the 27th, we continued assemble the model, as well as make study models for particular areas such as the desk, the stage and the movable walls. As you can see in the featured image, we were discussing the desk orientation, and how it relates to the movable wall nearby. By constructing this [...]

Studio Work Day: Narrowing Design Concepts

Today February 15th is the last official studio meeting before we have our review on Friday of the week.  We are currently narrowing down design concepts based on what we are working on; modular walls, reception, gallery niche, stage, and signage. Additionally, some of us are going on site to measure and take photos. This [...]

Slide Show Update 2.1

Yesterday, February 6th, we presented to our client further analysis of the site as stated in Everrett's blog. The presentation as a whole could have been better organized as David Pastre pointed out after. We are currently improving the layout of our slides so they do not need explanation behind each and every slide. We [...]

Presentation of Research and Ideas to Client

On Monday, January 23rd, we presented research of history, precedent studies, and diagrams to our client, as we discussed the usability of the space at 1056 King street. In general, we felt as if we hit the ball park on the presentation. However, more diagrams would have been useful in communicating our thoughts and ideas [...]