Site Visits and Client Meetings

On Friday, January 20th, Professor Pastre set up a time for us to visit the site of the new REDUX contemporary art center on 1056 King Street.  Although the interior is unfinished and still under construction, you begin to see the influences of the architect, Augustus Constantine, commonly known as “Gus”.  The intricate brick work and arches help to bring you into the building as you approach, as well as establish the building not only as a center for contemporary art, but also as contemporary architecture considering that it was designed in 1942.  Once we went inside, it made the picture of what we were to be dealing with become so much clearer.  Seeing a design in plans, elevations, or even renderings cannot do justice for the amount of opportunities that a space like this has to offer.

After discussing what we should look more into, we planned ahead for our upcoming research and analysis meeting with Stacy Huggins to take place that following Monday.  We found information on the history of the location as well as the architect, Augustus Constantine.  We also looked into precedents of benches, pedestals, gallery walls, kiosks, as well as possibilities for outdoor spaces.  We also analyzed other museum precedents to see what had worked for them as well as what had not.  To go along with this research, were several diagrams.  However, the diagrams need enhancing as well as more details, which is where we plan to go next, as well as continuing our research and analysis to provide not only options for us to build now, but also some things that REDUX can do if the timing and budge make it possible for them in the future.  Stacy and the people at REDUX seemed very enthusiastic about the ideas that we brought to the table and established productive conversation to help point us in the right direction that will help them the most.  The main goal of course is to make their transition into the new space as seamless as possible.

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