Making Great Progress

In the short years of architecture school, one of the main concepts that has demonstrated for us to understand is how to solve a problem. One aspect about solving a problem is not to get to attached to your designs. Many times it is a good idea, but we all know that there is a difference between a good and a great idea. Going into the project with an open mind is something has to be done. With the idea of it being a design build there is a lot of adaptations that has happened because of the limitations with the spaces and the continuity between the bar and the desk. The design is now implementing more high quality wood which takes a lot of craft and time which helps with the overall design and aestheticsĀ  of our design. As for the walls not much has changed we have just been chugging away with welding and the structure of the whole set up. As for the whole experience for the design build it has been great, even through learning how to clamp two pieces of wood, has thought us a lot compared to just making computer models. This project is one of the biggest ones Studio V has taken on, with only 8 people working on all the components we have full mindset of getting this project done, but it may be getting down to the wire.

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