As of this week i have been putting in some time working on sketchup.  Sketchup is a great way to get ideas quickly brought to life. On my computer i have a full file of the redux building which was imported for the Revit file given to us by redux. In this file i have been playing around with configurations that could sit within the area we have designated to bar space. This allows me to section given areas and work around with arrangement within a given space. Some issue that Pastre and i have talked about are the consideration of use for the left over bar area where the desk will reside when hidden. I have shown a couple different methods we could use to nest the desk and while still utilizing the leftover overhead. I think this area could be used for a slotted cooler, allowing the ability for it to be taken out and washed. This could then be accompanied by a topper that would double as a bridge between the pull out table and the back of bar counter. the rest of my work has just been continuations of the same theme, tweaking it here and there to try and discover better approaches to the same problem. I often take an idea and just play around with it until i find a new angle or perspective.

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