Hardhats Required

May 1st comes in only 4 weeks and we are still progressing with final details on both the bar and reception pieces, as well as the moving walls. Some materials are set to arrive before the end of the week, and it will take more than just a regular student’s’ life to complete the task at hand.

Whilst part of our team stayed back in studio to flush out final design constraints, Professor Pastre took Austin and myself to Redux to see what progress could be made in the early part of the week. Most of the work still being done by on-site contractors appears to only now be maintenence and installation of different tools. The front facade now has all of the windows open, providing a different atmosphere to what we had

This week we started the construction of the three moving walls in the front gallery. Keeping into account the spacing with both the materials alongside technical details, we focused primarily on knocking out a portion of a studio wall, so as to make a pocket for our central L-shape.

IMG_5374Today we are working to cut the grooves into floors, using the tools at hand whilst making sure to confirm anything that may have been questioned when we were off-site both in the shop and studio. The process requires time, and an equivalent amount of energy, but should be completed on schedule. The steel for our brackets, bracing, and track systems has been ordered. Redux’s opening is set for the 5th of May.

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