Today was a fun day for me because I got to finally get away from a computer and go out and put my hands on some tools.  We were able to finally get out to Redux and cut the scores in the concrete for the track systems to sit in.  We managed to get all three scores cut and were also able to finish up removing what part of the wall we needed to allow space for the “L” wall to travel through.  To make the cuts on the concrete we used circular saws with masonry blades on them to first make the cut.  We had to make a couple passes with that then switch to an abrasive blade to clear and clean out the cut even more.  We brought along a mock-up of a small version of what our constructed track system will be and it fits very well.  The height of the track is very low in that large room and visually it seems like it would almost disappear, especially with a wall over it.  We will begin to make our track system to go in the concrete.  One of the biggest things we need to look out for is that the metal we use doesn’t have any kinks in it.  We need it to be straight as possible because the width of the score does not give us much breathing room.  Here is a picture of what the cut looks like after we had finished.IMG_0974

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