Can We Just Start Building Already?

This design process has been a long and arduous one. It seems that with every problem we resolve another arises. We’re so ready to go and move forward, but then we  fall flat on our face. Ok I’m not really that discouraged. But it does seem that working to find a final solution that satisfies all … Continue reading

Filling the gap… between our new and improved working arms!

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we now have fully (well almost fully) functional arms. For being so cooperative, I think the least we can do is provide them with something wonderful to span between them. Last night Elissa, Caitlin and I (Becca) tackled just this. Something we are learning through the process of these two … Continue reading

The arms finally erect with ease!

By adding a short tail on the upper arms and winching to it from around the base point, we were able to more elegantly erect the arms smoothly and together. We are so grateful that these minor design changes are producing major results. In the above video, we used an 18v makita drill driver to … Continue reading

Studio V – Bringing back the skinny tie

This video is a must see for all students.  It’s “Mad Men”, only much nerdier.  Studio V is also instituting a new dress code starting today: •Starched white dress shirt (short sleeve preferred) •Skinny black tie •Black horn rimmed glasses •Pocket protector (standard)

The Day the Engineers Dashed Our Spirits… But Not For Good.

This morning a group of us from Studio V met with Chris and Rich at ADC Engineering to get a handle on whether or not some of our movie screen ideas would fly or not.  From what most of us gathered the two had the same ideas about flaws that we did.  We spent most … Continue reading

The Screen

This afternoon during the first part of studio Professor Huff met with our studio and gave us an informal critique voicing his concerns about our design.  His major concerns were the overall weight of the entire structure, the strength of the joint in the 4 legs of the structure, and the “shoulder” joint wanting to … Continue reading

Big Boy Bed

As I sit down to write my weekly post, my son is spending his first night in what we have dubbed the “Big Boy Bed”.  I have to remind myself to give Otto space at times like this so hopefully he’ll become an independent, confident child and one day adult. In many ways, I have … Continue reading

Artistically Beautiful meets Structurally Sound

Yesterday in our History and Theory class a client kept referring to our class as “engineers.” From working in a civil engineering office for five years it’s easy to see the overlaps that occur in the fields of engineering and architecture, but all too often the fields do not. That was the case today; we … Continue reading

Two Thumbs Up for Project Two!

Studio V had round two this morning with the Charleston Design Review Committee.  However, instead of the comfort of having Professor Pastre present in front of the board – today was a student lead presentation.  So, a tip of the hat goes to two of our undergraduate students for doing a superb job in this … Continue reading


Greetings and Salutations! It has been an interesting transition going from our first project to the project we are currently working on – interesting in the sense that it is a project geared towards a completely different method of completion. Please let me explain, The first project was meant to be built in Marion Square. … Continue reading