tis the season… of the flu.

Flu... bronchitis... sinus infections... pick your poison, because with a small studio of 11, it only takes one of those bad boys to really ruin your day and with only twelve days left, we cannot kill any progress or motivation on project two.  Having the early signs of the flu and knowing that it spreads [...]

Two Thumbs Up for Project Two!

Studio V had round two this morning with the Charleston Design Review Committee.  However, instead of the comfort of having Professor Pastre present in front of the board - today was a student lead presentation.  So, a tip of the hat goes to two of our undergraduate students for doing a superb job in this [...]

Proceeding With Confidence

It's the day after presenting in front of the Design Review Committee, and it hit me this morning that we wouldn't be putting this project away with previous ones.  We are only just beginning, and now we continue to design and begin building! As soon as class began, Professor Huff, from Studio U gave our [...]

Day IV

As the hours to the schematic review deadline approach, one cannot help but notice the change in the studio.  You can walk up to the third floor and feel the nervous anticipation and excitement in the air.  As students move in their tools for the workspace, caffeine and snack foods -that may or may not [...]