the beginning of the end… Project 1’s final days.

Samuel Mockbee, founder of the Rural Studio, believed that architects by nature are leaders and teachers, and the proof is in project one.  The purpose of a design build studio is beginning to dawn on me, because this first project has taken every student in Studio V, and created a leader and a teacher out of them.  From teaching each other how to use the heavy machinery in woodshop, to making sure everyone has something to do so we don’t waste a minute of valuable time, and lastly, collecting the needed materials and making sure this project has everything it needs.  Without this change in every student – project one would not be erected in Marion Square, and it would still be a design left alone in someone’s sketchbook.

“If you’re going to do this you’ve got to pack your bags, kiss your wife goodbye, and go to war.” Samuel Mockbee

The decision to go forth with this project was made weeks ago, and the deadline was marked on the calendar before the process truly began.  Even though it seems impossible, the time is approaching for the installation on Marion Square Park.  Today every student was truly a work-horse.  Blessed with beautiful fall weather and a determination to get as much as possible complete during studio, we were able to accomplish more than a decent amount.  This past weekend, enough was completed on our “free” time to give a good amount of work today.  Wood needed to be cut to size, along with dato stickers, drilled holes, organizing the wood pieces and preparing them to be placed in the truck, and working on the steel X’s.  We worked on placing the structure to site, and on signage.  While others helped with tearing down the mock-up wall to half-size and picking up much needed rebar.  Almost everyone helped with the woodshop, and numbers were added to the steel team, as Sean Ahern made another appearance to show Joe, John, and Ryan how to use the plasma cutter to make holes in the X’s.

It’s Monday, the final week, and it is literally the beginning of the end, and as the countdown to the final installation of project one and it’s critique approaches, I don’t see a single bit of fear in my fellow classmates eyes.  Instead I see pure determination. It is a group effort, and we will succeed in our endeavors… but it isn’t going to be easy.  As many of you college alumni or current students might remember, not only is it the final week of project one, but it is also HELL week, as I like to refer to it.  The one week where every class has a project or assignment due.  What does this mean?  Although you already know…  the coffee will be hot, sleep will be a distant memory, and as deadlines approach the will to complete the assignment grows. So wish us luck.

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