Blue Glow

The past two days Caitlin and I have been working hard on a push to get the signage together and prepped for the laser cutter.  We have nailed down all the content, the location on the wall, the size, and the layout.  On Saturday afternoon we were able to meet with our Professor’s wife, Amy, who is a partner at Stitch Design Co., a graphic design firm in Charleston.  She gave us some great tips and pointers to help the signage get to a finalized state.  Her input and suggestions were exactly what we needed.

We cut a (close to final) sample this afternoon on the plexiglass.  We decided to come back to school after dark to check out how this text etching option worked with the blue LED lights that we have!  I have included a few images that we took during our LED testing.

Tomorrow our plan is to have all the signs printed out for proofing and to mock up the attachment system for the LED lights, signs, wiring and connection to the wall.  It is SOO exciting to see everything come together!

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