document. document. document.

Well, we all met as a studio out on the beautiful veranda this afternoon.  We discussed the schedule for the rest of the semester, but mostly talked about our next deadline which is Wednesday December 1st.   After Studio U presents their final schemes on Wednesday, we will present our documentation for both projects. Becca [...]

8 DAYS and counting…..

Well we officially have 8 days until the premier of Citizen Architect! A photostory of what we have been working on: Below is an awesome wood texture that we found today at JMO on one of the pieces of wood we were milling down!  Which reminds me.....the next time you go to visit our structure [...]

The Screen

This afternoon during the first part of studio Professor Huff met with our studio and gave us an informal critique voicing his concerns about our design.  His major concerns were the overall weight of the entire structure, the strength of the joint in the 4 legs of the structure, and the “shoulder” joint wanting to [...]

Blue Glow

The past two days Caitlin and I have been working hard on a push to get the signage together and prepped for the laser cutter.  We have nailed down all the content, the location on the wall, the size, and the layout.  On Saturday afternoon we were able to meet with our Professor's wife, Amy, [...]


Signage is one of the most important aspects of this design.  It is the point of the entire kiosk in Marion Square, to relay information about the Earth Art Expo to the Charleston community.  I have been working on the signage team!  It has been an exciting experience! Yesterday, 3 of us drove out to [...]


On Saturday my group went to the Farmers Market in Marion Square to analyze the site with the dense pedestrian traffic that this market brings every week.  It was helpful for us to experience how the site is used during this weekly event and how our project would be influenced by the amount of people [...]