Today was an important day for our design.  We finally began laying the foundation on the site in Marion Square!!

I went out for a short visit in the late afternoon to check on the progress being made.  Things were looking good; Marion Square was very active, from people having a drawing class outside to a sports team running sprints.

Caitlin and I have been in a constant battle with the machine shown below.  That is the laser cutter.  It has definitely given us a hard time, however the signage is slowly but surely coming to a completion.

A few people continued work in the woodshop at school working on welding and cutting down some lengths pieces that we will need tomorrow on site.

Ben, John and I will be meeting bright and early to finish up leveling the steel foundation pieces.  Once this is done things should move quickly as more and more hands will be needed from classmates!

I am EXTREMELY excited to study how people interact with our structure tomorrow and after its completion.  It seems there was a lot of interest from the public today on site while a few of my classmates were working.

Be sure to stop by and see our progress tomorrow and Friday!

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  1. This looks great in the pictures. I can’t wait until we can see it in person. We will have to make a trip to Charleston to see this.

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