What Are Ya’ll Building???

This is a question that I have heard more in the last 48 hours then I have throughout my lifetime.  Being in Marion Square from sunrise to sunset gives people plenty of time to ask this question.

Ben, Elissa and myself went out to the site at 7:30am to finish leveling the foundation.  This process we thought we would finish by 10am.  Wrongo.  We finished leveling the foundation around noon.  We had to tweek the foundation even more after we finally pounded in the stakes to hold them in place.  This was a lead in to the afternoon festivities.

In the afternoon the rest of the class joined us to start construction on the three different walls.  The process started off well but we hit a few snags.  Mainly not having all of the Haint Blue wood cut to length.  Warped and twisted wood are also huge thorns in our side while building up and trying to keep everything level.  Things were starting to look promising until Mr. Sun decided to set and send us into darkness. But did that stop us? Not a chance.

Several of us went to the police department at the beginning of the night to get permission to work on the site over night.  Marion Square closes to the public around 11pm so we had to get the blessing to build from Charlestons finest in blue.  Props to Team 1, you’re the greatest!

After receiving permission from the officers of Charleston, Ben, Elissa, Mike, Jim and myself went out to continue some night construction.  We were able to find out that the blue LEDs and the column lighting is a success and hope that is continues to be (fingers crossed).  Ben and Mike are still at the site working diligently trying to get the 7′ wall finished for tomorrow morning, when we plan to meet at 6:30am to finish the wall up.

Apart from the Marion Square work, half of the class stayed in studio to work on the presentations for project 2 tomorrow.

What are ya’ll building? Hopefully confidence that we can finish this by studio tomorrow.

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