Project one is complete!

So as you know, this has been one hell of a week for all of u’s but it’s 10:14pm and I’m lying in Marion square looking at our “completed” structure for project one. I put that in quotes because we still need to finalize some wiring on a less temporary basis. It does look great all lit up and is a proven success because curious passers by came to it like moths each time it was lit.

The glow from the spots and the blue lit plex really popped at night and in the few minutes they were all lit tonight, many compliments were paid by people who would have otherwise not likely entered so deep into Marion square. We are all very excited about hearing chatter around charleston over the next two months because it certainly warrants it.

Anyway… We are all tired and ready to reconvene for linda’s big 24th so I’m gonna roll, but many pictures were taken and more to come, including a time lapse of the whole construction process.

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