Signage is one of the most important aspects of this design.  It is the point of the entire kiosk in Marion Square, to relay information about the Earth Art Expo to the Charleston community.  I have been working on the signage team!  It has been an exciting experience!

Yesterday, 3 of us drove out to MultiPlastic in Mount Pleasant to pick up some scrap plexiglass.  Everything we got is a quarter of an inch thick was is great!  We found several different tints of plexiglass too which could be an opportunity to layer different colors and textures within the signage displays in our structure.  The signage group has also pull all the necessary information together into 1 document; that is, what exactly we need to display in order to successfully inform the community of the events, locations, time, brief explanation of the exhibitions, etc.

So far we have come up with several different systems of incorporating the signage on plexi into the structure.  One main driving force behind our signage design is figuring out how we will illuminate the plexiglass at night.  We want to make sure the signs are readable during the day and at night.  Above is an image that we have found showing the potential of lighting up the edges of the plexiglass.  After finding these images, we are trying to figure out a way to inset not only the plexiglass in a piece of wood, but to inset a small LED strip underneath the plexiglass in order to get a similar effect as you see in the picture above.

We are excited to now have the actual signage materials in our hands!  Now begins testing to see what we can do with this material on our laser cutter.  It will be an exciting day in studio!

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