My Home Away From Home is a Dumpster.

Wednesday was an action packed day for Studio V.  Myself and several other students received a crash course at the beginning of class today in welding from Sean Ahern of Ahern’s Anvil Inc.  The steel supports for our structure need to be specially welded to create an ‘X’ shape.

After learning how to weld, Ben, Lauren, Rebecca, and myself went out to Daniel Island to dumpster dive for wood material.  We were able to find a street that was filled with new homes being built and were in the framing stages.  This allowed for us to receive a lot of wood material from the dumpsters on site.  Ben and I have been to several different places and have been dumpster diving since this project started.  Elissa Bostain, Michael Niezer, Lauren Martinez, Rebecca Cook, Joe McNeill and Professor Pastre have all helped Ben and myself at several locations to gather the materials we need.  I am starting to feel right at home in a dumpster.  Not sure if that is a good thing, oh well.

We were able to come away with two trucks full of lumber today and we are starting to accumulate a sizable pile of useable wood for the project, even though many require more nails to be pulled.  Time to fetch another 3 gallon bucket.  We found out today that we need 1457 boards in total (varying lengths and cuts).  This means Ben and myself will be living in dumpsters for the next week.

While Ben, Lauren, Rebecca and myself were out playing in dumpsters all day, the rest of the class met and created group assignments for the class.  Here is a list of the assignments and the people participating in them…

Steel – Joe, Ryan

Wood – John, Ben

Model – Jim, Elissa (overall leading), Michael He (sketchup

specialist; elevation studies), Becca and Lauren (signage – lots of

plex testing on laser cutter to determine font, size, raster/cutting

techniques, etc)

CDs – Caitlin, Niezer

The group that worked in studio today also met with John Moore, who is a Structural Engineer, to determine whether or not our design is going to be structural sound.  The verdict was that we only had to tweek the design a little by driving a longer pole into the ground at certain locations on our project.

Its full steam ahead from this point forward.  If anyone needs me, ill be in a dumpster somewhere…

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