Construction begins! Well sort of… at one sixth scale

Last night, Elissa and Xiaokang and I spent the night in the wood shop where we tackled the first full wall at a one sixth scale.  To stick with our underlying theme of repurposing materials, we milled down some scrap 2 x 12’s that were reclaimed from construction site dumpsters to make our modeling materials.  The number of materials listed for the smallest wall, which is the one we modeled, was daunting, but with some good teamwork, we milled a couple scrap pieces of lumber into hundreds of quarter inch square sticks.

We built it in sections and then applied clamping pressure so the glue would dry.

At first, the varying lengths of boards were confusing and we required further instruction from mr Niezer, but once we got rolling the structure went together smoothly.  Hopefully that’s what will happen when we go to full scale.  This model, unlike the last one which actually used tension to hold it together, was held using glue.  Its purpose is to allow us to get a better idea of what the final structure will look like and how light and shadow can interact with it.  We were also experimenting with adding 2×4 lumber from the Haint Blue project and leaving it blue.  This resulted in a blue band located near eye level that will also incorporate the signage.

We have also begun experimenting with light to see how it might work with the structure.  We are in the process of finding the proper lighting effects for the job, and have begun testing the plexiglass material that was donated by multiplastic.

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