8 DAYS and counting…..

Well we officially have 8 days until the premier of Citizen Architect!

A photostory of what we have been working on:

Below is an awesome wood texture that we found today at JMO on one of the pieces of wood we were milling down!  Which reminds me…..the next time you go to visit our structure in Marion Square be sure to check out the really neat textures that happen at the end of the pieces of wood.  It is really cool to see how many different wood grain textures there are.  Caitlin and I enjoy roaming around and searching for our favorite square end from time to time….

Today I have done a few short readings for my Materials and Assemblies class from Refabricating Architecture by Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake and David Pye’s The Nature and Art of Workmanship.  After reading the first few chapters of David Pye’s book I began to ponder the “art of workmanship”  There are a few quotes that I would like to share:

“Only worked material has quality, and pieces of worked material are made to show their quality by men, or put together so that together they show a quality which singly they had not.”

“Our environment in its visible aspect owes far more to workmanship that we realize.”

“….the designer is deep in its debt, for every card in his hand was put there originally by the workman.  No architect could specify ashlar until a mason had perfected it and shown him that it could be done.  Designers have only been able to exist by exploiting what workmen have evolved or invented.”

Thinking about these few specific quotes I realize how far these materials have come, from both the end result of our first project and even now in our unfinished state of the second project.  We took A LOT of wood from dumpsters around the Lowcountry and put in our man power to make these pieces of wood look good.  The first quote speaks directly to our project in Marion Square…..alone a piece of wood is just a pieces of wood, but when many are stacked together a unique form is created.

Well I hope all of you are excited for November 18th in Cannon Park!  I know Studio V is stoked!

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